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QUEEN'S ENGLISH - Episode 6 - "Soft Butch"

Web Series 

Written by Tyler Dwiggins

Directed by Chris Morrissey 

Featuring: David Merten, Jordan De Leon, Amelia Windom, Josh Bonzie, Cristina Ramos, and Brandon Haagenson

Director of Photography: Timmy Beckmann, Sam Stuart 

Editor: Cole Bannick

Assistant Director: Claudia Rose

About The Episode: Queen's English is a queer web series about some messy queens trying to make it to adulthood in one piece - with money left over for Sunday mimosas. 

In Episode 6 entitled "Soft Butch", Tucker is smitten by Luke. Olivia is tempted by Jo. And Gabe is driving everyone crazy.

Watch Episode 6 below and check out the full series at

QUEEN'S ENGLISH - Episode 6: "Soft Butch" - Gay Web Series - Created by Tyler Dwiggins
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NY Fringe Festival production 

Written by Kat Funkhouser

Directed by Chris Morrissey 

Featuring: Jessica DiSalvo, Julian Fadullon, Hunter Mruz, Alan Simon, and Sharon Ullrick

Lighting Design: Matthew Kresch

About The Play: The reality show "Bootstraps" was cancelled weeks ago, and nobody told the cast. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be gained - and after all, chaos is easier to edit. “Everyone is equal. No one is safe.” How many lies are in that tagline? A dark comedy about performance and power.

Photography by Heather Gershonowitz. 


New Wave Theatre Collective production

Written by Alena Smith

Directed by Chris Morrissey 

Featuring: Olivia Rose Barresi, Michael Patrick Trimm, Jenna Kray, and Al Patrick Jo

Set Design: Stephanie Cain

Lighting & Sound Design: Wes Richter

Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Ida Biering 

About The Play: Let's change the world, but first let me take a selfie... Rose Spencer has just achieved the ultimate young intellectual's dream: becoming a staff writer for a prestigious New York literary/criticism journal. She sees a way to participate in what may be the defining activist moment for her generation, but too quickly she must learn to recognize the difference between sincere action and skillful self-promotion. The New Sincerity is a poignant comedy about fighting for the greater good whilst tweeting about it.

Artwork by Kevin Bianchi. Photography by Jenny Hickman. 


Alchemical Theatre Lab workshop production, co-produced with New Wave Theatre Collective

Written by Tyler Dwiggins

Directed by Chris Morrissey 

Featuring: Tyler Dwiggins, Julia Hansen, Amelia Windom, Lawson Young, and Connor Johnston 

About The Play: Set in the Midwest in 2001, The Binding tells the whimsical story of Isaac, a closeted, religious teen. Isaac's carefully controlled life is interrupted when his childhood imaginary friend, Poppy, returns on the eve of his sixteenth birthday. As Poppy begins to unravel Isaac’s tightly wound secrets, both must learn to escape the smothering identities they have chosen. The Binding is a play about the ecstasy and pain of believing in something that can’t be seen.